15965871_705774799591424_5544302736994711891_nWe love to criticize. Our minds are programmed to scrutinize things, people and places in details. It’s fun especially if the buzz we created becomes a wildfire.

Has anyone seen Maxine Medina’s TV5 interview? Mostly, every beauty pageant fan has and I am one of them. The redundancy of outdoor and going out, the mispronunciation of advocacy and the now popular meme “I scared of cockroaches.” has trended in the Philippines. Her fluency in the English language was criticized. And once again, the Filipinos were divided with bashers and supporters fighting behind the anonymity of their computer keyboards. While reading the comments, I can’t help but let out a hopeless sigh. While beauty and brains is a must in international pageantry, is a knack for the English language the lone criteria for the intellect category? Surely, those who won the crown with “tomato” English were a good example that wit and charm are beyond the slang and metaphors of English.

It amazes me how people can be so cruel behind their smiling faces in the social media_would they go up and say those things to Maxine Medina’s face? What would they do if they were in the same position? Will they be more capable of running the catwalk and answering the Q and A portion? Will they be able to pull off the red parasela and two piece swimwear?

I was raised with a Confucian belief, “Do unto other what you would like others to do unto you.”. If you feel bad when they bad-mouthed you, then you can damn well realize that Maxine Medina feels worse. The pressure of a back to back win is against her shoulder and instead of noticing in details her misgivings, we should help her allay her fears and doubts. And to top her dilemmas, the pageant will be held in our country. Come to think of it, even the finest extemporaneous speaker, when abandoned by her pillar of salt, can be inarticulate. Even Shakespeare, when he was starting, had trouble with his grammar and rhetorics.

No matter how good Pia Wurtzback was before, many doubted her. But she slew all her detractors by confidently bringing the coveted crown. If you don’t find Maxine as good as Pia, don’t comment negatively about her. Unfollow her account and skip the post or articles related to her. No matter how sore of an eye she is to some, she is still the Philippine’s best bet for Miss Universe 2017. Her English is not as eloquent as some but she stands out in the catwalk with radiance and elegance. Isn’t that something to be proud of?

People, whatever your thoughts are, you can never do what she does. With all the bullying you throw against Maxine, will you feel justified if she loses the crown? I pray that she wins, otherwise if she ends up with nothing, I will still cheer for her. Her efforts and sacrifices were enough to be commended.

So much for all the trying hard “Westerners” with brown skin and snout nose. Don’t forget you had your moments of “ahhh” and “ehm” in 5 seconds to fill up your train of thoughts. The lush of profanities you throw is annoying and it doesn’t make you a better citizen than her. I am so proud of Maxine Medina. She might not get all your approval but I cheer for her natural beauty and bravery. Natural beauty is so hard to find these days_ so much is augmented and covered up.

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