I kept tabs on my previous reflections on facebook. I love re-reading them. I am amazed that I was able to compose them. If luck is on my side, I can make 1500 words out of my musing but a 500-word essay is as beautiful as a lengthy one if packed with heart and substance.

Here is one of my favorite rumination.

“It is refreshing when in nowhere, you find someone with a beautiful mind. Someone who talks nonchalantly, with a train of beautiful thoughts and crazy flattery. Yes, flattery be damned.. but when the exchange comes in class and character, it reads and sounds suavé. It’s good to know of a confident man who knows his things and is strong enough in words and deeds. Someone, who, hopefully, doesn’t only impress you with honey, butterflies, and tuxedo but shows around with a battered calloused hand and sweat-worn shirt from a day’s hard work. It’s exciting to exchange good conversation with a man who is bold enough to undress his conscience from the start. Someone who is clear and straight forward. Someone who challenges your thoughts and ignores your looks. Someone who dares you to shake your walls and removes your inhibitions. Someone who is unpredictable. Someone who is tougher than you are, who loves what he does and is not bothered by the norms of the crowd. Someone who carelessly expresses his thoughts with firmness. Who will not cower from inconsistencies and will admit his misgivings. Nice try. Thanks for the good chat. That shook off my boredom.”
When did I make this?

I can’t seem to delete this one because I really loved how it was composed. Romantic? Maybe. I was kind of giggly during that time and remembering my exchange of conversation with him makes me grin from ear to ear. Ah, fond memories.

I pray to meet someone like him. I hope to have a daily dose of energetic and hilarious chatter with him about everything under the sun. I wished to speak solemnly about the moon and the stars, the fireflies, and roses. We will banter about politics and stock market. We will save up for the educational plan and life insurances. And we will hold hands while we say our prayers. And maybe, just maybe, after 5 or 10 years, we will recite the rosary with the kids.

In a good day like this, lying in bed and waiting for the alarm clock to ring, I can’t help bit imagine. Some may say that it is for the fool, I say it’s for the romantic at heart. Though modern day love story is an irony of fairy tales, I still believe in happy endings. My parents were a living manifestation of that story and as long as they live with love, respect, and understanding for each other despite the happy and sad moments, my fingers are crossed.

Cheers to optimism! More musings on the way. By the way, it’s my last night duty.