goblin-ep-4-recap.jpgI heard them whisper his name…

some were mischievous, others full of reverence.

From the backdrop of fallen peach flowers,

She who wore the red scarf blew the flame.

Seconds tick and there he was

a shining goblin, godly like his name.

He bridged the distance

with reason and longing in his gaze.

She tiptoed and meet him halfway.

With smile brighter than summer

She said, “I missed you”

and patted his messy hair

Alas, the white butterfly came by

A reminder of stolen moments and lullabies.

He grabbed her hand

and placed it against his chest.

“You have to pull the sword

and let this immortality rest.”

With teary eyes, she looked away.

Shivering, she unclasps the crest.

Boldly she cried, “I will die instead.”

And hugged him closely to her breast.

From the heaven, the deity is watching

Torn between carrying out the legend

or breaking the millennium’s curse.


he watched as the cotton flowers bloom.

Which is a scarcity in the chilling winter’s air.

Under the metaphors of exquisite branches

The goblin’s bride is dearly held.

He murmured a promise

That on a good day like this

Their love will be cherished.

The heaven will not dictate their destiny

With bonded hearts and interlaced hands

Their future will never be lonely.