Because the message is positive, I was tempted to repost this one.

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Remember the last time you fall in love? Or the last time you saw your crush? You can’t help but giggle. You can’t help but murmur an “ah”. The feeling is indescribable. It was so wonderful that you can’t contain your giddiness all to yourself. It’s like you were a worm, freshly unearthed from it’s hiding, warm and giggling incessantly.

It’s the same with loving oneself. By realizing how good and beautiful you are, you will radiate that kindness and beauty to everyone around you. It all starts with you. You are blessed and important. You are courageous and strong. You are intelligent and flexible. You are loving and sincere. Do not let hate make you ugly. Do not let criticism wrinkle your optimism.

One day you will receive love. Take it graciously. Be happy. But when the time comes that it becomes a negative part of your life. Let it go. Do not long for it because it will destroy you. Remember, you have to prioritize your happiness so that you will be able to give love and joy.

As Buddha quoted:

“How well did you love?”

“How well did you live?”

“How deeply did you let go?”

God’s tests and trials may overwhelm us but these challenges and the change in us thereafter  is sometimes needed to make yourself better. Do not be afraid to transform. Always embrace the trials that will make the best version of you. It’s a lifetime commitment.

Grow to love yourself more. You will be your own companion every second of your life so make sure that you are lovable.

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