Before Goblin even started, I have been keeping tabs on the cast and characters. Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wok’s charismatic appeal is hard to resist. With great dramas from before to boost the advertisement from fans worldwide, Goblin is one of the most beautiful show ever created in Korea.

Kim Go Eun and Yoo In Na are both eye candies with brilliant acting pedigrees. KGE who just recently wrapped up from tje successful Cheese In the Trap Series and YIN who was so popular in China for her role in Queen In Hyun’s Man.

GOBLIN is a honey for kdrama lovers. Aside from the excellent acting skills of the cast and crew, it is consistent with a very mind-bogling story. Every episode is exciting and the cliff hangers makes every viewers crave for more! The cinematography is awesome, with Quebec,Canada and Korea as the background, the team has surely emphasized poetry in motion with every epic scene. The colors were vivid, the speed of the camera were articulate plus the script spoken by the actors were apt and heartwarming.

There was no dull moments. Each character were given a chance to shine. Each character has an interesting story to tell,may it be good or evil. Even our cameo roles were commendable with their unique stories.

The romance is realistic. It was not pushed and buttered. It came naturally. I like the cute interaction of our main OTP, ♡♡♡, the numerous rantings, the lovey-dovey, and then the ordinary couple moments. Our second leads were as adorable with an innocent grim reaper and a spunky resto owner. Even our spoiled deokwa is a sight to behold.

Goblin is on its 12th episode now with new twist and turns that kept us viewers glued on our laptop screens, tv screens and mobile phones. It never failed to amused us. With tear jerking episodes and hilarious antics, Goblin will surely be a worldwide phenomenon.

I read a Keannu Reeves movie remake of our beloved series. If that is true, wow! Daebak… I hope that fans wordwide will continue to support the show.

By the way, Gong Yoo doing the English remake will fair better in my eyes if you ask me. Now, let’s patiently wait for Friday. Episode 13 come very fast if you can.

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