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It’s been a long and winding journey. The sky is a palette of grayish blue. It reflects the vast ocean, serene and beautiful amidst the noise from the traffic. It is occasionally wrinkled by a damp air, seductively hugging our abayas with murmurs of seduction.

From where I was standing, I could see the sturdy mass of gravel and sand, standing so proud and strong under the current of the sea. It was so long, like a woman’s infinite legs, soft and inviting. From both ends were lighted post, steadily guiding the travelers to explore beyond their dreams. The humps were sexily laden to remind the drivers to slow down, enjoy the backdrop of the moon and listen to the whispers carried by the wind.

It was breath-taking. Cinematic at some point when the moon goes into hiding to give a dash of mystery to the darkening night. I wish I have a good camera to capture her ravishing beauty.

Until the next ride.

Daily Prompt: Infinite