victory.jpgI am not in the mood to write but when I saw the prompt today, I quickly made a detour and started typing from my laptop.  via Photo Challenge: Names

Hi. I was Miss Nobody. Yep. It’s a past tense, I reckon. A history worth remembering because I like looking back at my footsteps and where it had led me. More is my motivation to make myself better despite the many obstacles along the way.

How dare I  recklessly leave a good paying job back in the Philippines and the possibility of a plantilla? How dare I leave the comforts of my workplace and the solace of our home and my family? How dare I leave my 4P’s recipients to serve the foreigners abroad – just to earn Riyals?

I dared. And it took a superpower to move a timid girl to defy her rules and norms. From that day onwards, Miss Nobody is gone, my name is Victory. Not just in career and experience. More the daring to express me creatively in all aspects of life.

How shameless am I to read Nick Joaquin, Jessica Zafra, Max Soliven and Martha Cecilia and then run my ink to compose my very own story?

How ungrateful am I to see Germany, Russia, Canada, United Kingdon and Australia from my facebook’s newsfeed and then dedicate myself to work there after my contract ends?

Surely if you call me persona non grata, I will not mind.  It took sheer courage to write from my heart, to speak with sincerity and to dream very big.

Surely I will have second thoughts because of fears and doubts, uncertainty and peer pressure but I promise to be firm with my decision. It is, in fact, a self-compassion to challenge myself with all the best opportunities and possibilities the world has to offer.

And surely it will take a mountain of courage to realize those dreams, but I am happy, just happy to be able to climb another mountain again and reach its top with my name in it: VICTORY.

To sit down in the queue with fellow applicants, to photocopy and notarized requirements, to renew passports and PRC license, to be in awe after the interviewer calls you and tells you to prepare for the medical … this is worth another shot of risk taking and winning.

I like criticism. I savor appreciation. this is what keep me growing and glowing. I love conquering what’s impossible to achieve. I love knowing that my light can shine brighter than it already is shimmering.

I dare to succeed greatly in whatever field it may be and by doing so, I hope to cultivate hope and motivation in our world as well as within myself.

I will tremble with the unknown, but I will pursue my dream.

Tonight, I will shout, “Keep going and growing wherever inspiration calls you!.”

Victory. It’s such a good name to keep. #rabpedroso