While typing this, I can’t help but smile. Six more months and I will spread my wings again for another exciting flight. I don’t know where I will land for my next journey, but I do pray and hope that wherever I go, I will go with confidence. I will be stronger. I mean to do what I really desire because I lived only once and I have to make my remaining days worthwhile and remarkable.

January 1st started great. And the next days promised to be even greater. There will be imperfections and chaos along the way. But that is where the adrenaline starts – challenging with its adversities. And the human heart is the reception to all its glorious feats. From my incoming victories and defeats, my new formed alliances and heartbreaking betrayals, hope and disappointments, isn’t it marvelous that I am created with such a small and fragile organ to feel it all?

Happiest 1st of January. My heart is pumping efficiently. It is filled with delight, wonder, and acceptance. You are the recipient so please bear with me.

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