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January 2017


I love writing poems. Short but distilled and powerful. They are compact and filled with so much emotion. These are some of my compositions. Read whatever comes to your fancy. Don’t forget to…

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Buo Akong Magpaparaya


Composed this “tula” (poem) while I’m on duty earlier. I don’t know if it fits today’s prompt, REPLACEMENT, but I want to give it a try. Since my mind is preoccupied about my Mr. Crush, ¬†I was thinking about replacing his heart with a sensible one. Ouch, really, if emotions can be programmed to a human being through a¬†heart transplant, I will pioneer the first surgery! I don’t know if my readers can relate. I am inspired to pen in Tagalog, I am a Filipino after all, brown skinned and pure-bloodied Rizalian. So please, bear with me.


Lahat na nasa puso ko,

Lahat ng pagsuyo,

Lahat ng pagsusumamo,

Lahat ng maaari kong ibigay,

Lahat ng pwede kong sabihin,

Lahat ng kaya kong gawin,

Lahat ng ito ay aking inaalay.

Ikaw ang magsisilbing susi,

Magbubukas at aari,

Sa akin,

Sa aking puso,

Sa aking isipan,

Sa aking kabuoan.

Wala kang kailangang sabihin.

Hindi ako aasa sa pangako ng √Ĺong dila.

Buong-buo kitang tatanggapin,

pagsisilbihan at mamahalin.

Buo mo rin sana akong akapin,

alagaan at ibigin.

Hindi man mangyari ang aking inaasam

Panalangin ko pa rin ang √Ĺong kasiyahan.

Na sana matagpuan mo ang kapayapaan,

ang kaligayahang kay ilap sa karamihan.

Sa kanya.

Sa kanyang puso

Sa kanyang isipan,

Sa kanyang kabuoan.

Masakit mang marinig

Alam kong siya ang √Ĺong iniibig.

Masasaktan ako at iiyak

pirapiraso akong babagsak.

sawi man sa pag-ibig

tatayo ako at magsisimulang muli

hapis man ang mukha

basa man sa luha ang pisngi

ipinapangako ko

buong puso akong magpaparaya.


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Banana- Apple Cake


While most of the bloggers posted recycled materials, I chose this dish as a contribution for the prompt REPURPOSE.

Your ordinary meals will be extra special with this delight!

This is banana apple cake with sugar topping. You might ask why this one. Since I’m a fruit and veggie addict, I decided to recycle my over ripe bananas and apples in the fridge mixed them with flour, egg, and sugar and blended all together with patience and passion.

Here’s the recipe:



1 cup     white sugar

2 cups   all-purpose flour

1 tsp      baking powder

1/2         tsp salt

2 pcs     eggs, beaten

1 cup     milk

1/3         cup  vegetable oil

2 pcs     banana, over ripe, mashed

1 pc        apple, grated


1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees Celcius. Lightly grease pan.

2. In a large bowl, combine flour, baking powder, salt, and sugar. Sift. Combine egg, milk, and oil, mashed banana and grated apple. Add the flour mixture. Stir until moistened.

3. Pour the batter into the pan.

4. Bake in the oven for 40-45 minutes or when the toothpick inserted¬†in the center comes out clean. (Optional: you can mix 1/3 cup granulated sugar or confectioner’s sugar with 2 tbsp water and spread it on the surface of the cake. bake more for 10 minutes until the sugar crust looks dry.) Let cool for 10 minutes before removing from the rack.

5. Serve with coffee or a cold beverage of your choice. Best if shared.

Happy eating!

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@rachel ann biclar pedroso
You are the subject of my poems –
strong, sinewy and singular.
You held the key to my tenses
Past, present and maybe eventual. 
You are the verb after every noun
And my heart beats an overdrive.
Notice me and be kind.
The more you smile, the more I strive.
You are my definitive adjective
Your voice a muscular cadence.
Utter my name quixotically
All my heart and yearning I’ll give.
You are my perpetual adverb
Since I was 12 and now 29
I gave you sweet adoration
Can this be true love’s devotion?
I’m phrasing and composing
Poems, sonnets, and prose.
You will fill my every sentence
With your daring manly pose.
Yellow hearts for all romantics out there!

Versatile Blogger Award NOMINATION


I am happy, honored and speechless because one great blogger, Judy, nominated me for The Versatile Blogger Award. My Blog is an organized mess and most of my write-ups are personal experiences assembled into a paragraph of creative words. The lifeline of my blog comes from the people who reads and appreciates my work and its finesse from the critics who hopes to improve my writing knack.

Being nominated is a good thing and being recognized by a fellow writer is a big thing. Though my blog feels lacking compared to my counterparts, I am proud that it is completely a shelter to my soul and heart, reaching out through beautifully arranged words, sentences, and paragraph to make a heartwarming story.

My blog doesn’t want to impress. It works relentlessly to express. And this nomination motivates me to write uniquely and artistically, stories and poems that warm¬†the heart.

Again, thank you. I will write to inspire more people. Let me be worthy of the appreciation and love of my readers.


  • You have to thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their blog! (Being kind)
  • ¬†Link the nominees and inform them about their nomination (passing the love, that was given)
  • Nominate at least 15 bloggers of your choice (At least)
  • Share 7 facts about yourself (being truthful)

7¬†Things You Don’t Know About Me

  1. I am a registered nurse in Saudi Arabia and I love working in labor and delivery department
  2. I am a feature writer by heart, an editorial and sports writer when in need. Blogging is a grace from God.
  3. I love strawberries, oranges, and guyabano. I want to be a full-time vegetarian.
  4. I love to speak up. Debating is a supplement to my soul.
  5. I am single since birth. Though I fear to be an old maid, I am happy and enjoying single life at 29.
  6. I have a fetish for good watches. Time is very important for me.
  7. I love cooking, baking and gardening. Homey!

My Nominees:

  1. The Honest Fabler
  2. Laura
  3. The Unfiltered Shxt
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  5. Judy’s My Journey
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  7. Olive
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  14. Roberta Pimentel
  15. Susie Opinions

Applause for all these creative writers and bloggers who dedicate their time and effort for the sake of expressing. Life with its up and down becomes interesting because of you people.


Heaps of thanks, Judy!


Daily Musing 17: NBSB Adventure


It had rained last night, just enough to dampen the sands and the pebbles and to water the roses and baby’s breath in her garden. She can’t remember what time the rain stopped falling or when she had finally fallen asleep.

She prayed. Earnestly. That is what she clearly remembered. She was restless last night with a cluster migraine, stressed up with office work and pressured with peers poking fun at her “no boyfriend since birth” trophy. Like she cares.

Ah, she does care. Irritated by the fact, she kicked her blanket and pillow as they scattered unglamorously¬†on the floor. “NBSB huh!” she gingerly uttered. It is dim outside with occasional¬†swell of light hiding in and out from the drowsy clouds. She felt rebellious and without much ado, she marched out of her room, down to the patio towards the vastness of the world outside.

For a little while, it’s beautiful to walk barefooted on the hills¬†lush¬†with deep, thick grass towards the seashore. She tiptoed childishly, giggling as her soles prick softly against the gentle blades of Bermuda grass. She wandered aimlessly, stepping back at her previous footprints with so much audacity. While they wonder wickedly at her lonely journey, she will live her life as happily and carefree as she can be – beautiful, powerful and confident beyond her years.

She inhaled the clean scent of the morning dew and the salty fragrance of the sea. Many people will not understand her journey because they will never have to walk her path. They will never comprehend her reasons, her fears, her motivations, and dreams because they carry a different share of burdens and reveries. They will never appreciate her strength nor grasp her weaknesses because once she fails, she becomes a reject.

She smiled bitterly for a moment and run without hesitation to the sea. Mirthfully, she dipped her toes in the cool water and submerged her entire feet. She will not resist what has to be changed but she vowed not to change just to please those who are not entirely sincere to her. She will grace the currents with aplomb.

Nonchalantly, she ran farther away from the shore, singing gaily with The Carpenters. Ah, freedom behold! The waves splashed suddenly on her unguarded face, drenching her white camisole. With eyes closed and lips partly open, she lifts her head to the sky, combing her damp hair with resilient fingers. No enemy can trample her without her permission. No foe can crumble her resolve without her sanction.

With a stronger sense of self-esteem, she dived in the cool water just as the sun begun to swell in her bright and warm bearing. Today is such a good day to swim. She might remain NBSB for how long, who knows, but she will not mind like her whole life depended on it. The world is vast, beautiful and mysterious in its expanse. It needs exploring and appreciating and she is up for the adventure. she will be brave. She will take the risks because nothing can substitute experience.


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Can artificial intelligence advance so far

and replace what’s inherent and natural?

when almost all the things at par

changed diversely while some are gradual.

Fire ignites from the friction of two stones

water comes fresh from the spring

The man lived simply, humbly as skin and bones

but speaks with dignity, contented as he sings.

Man eats with bare hands

There’s no table etiquette required

Face messy with leftovers

but you’ll recognize the face of a happy man.

His clothes a scrap of leaf

hair untidy with clear bright eyes

he walks barefoot on the ground

carefree and brave towards the sky.

But the ground he tilled has changed so much.

gone is the lush and verdure pasture.

gone is the crystal clear water.

and gone is the innocent man.

The new era brought forth the millennials

sleek with convertibles and iPods

dainty with red wine and steak

stunning in black suit and emeralds.

Everything is automatic

Don’t blink your eyes or you’ll get static

Go with the flow, explore the odds

This change, after all, is a grace from God.



Life Can Be Beautiful as You Dream

3D-Nature-Blue-Sky-Hd-Background.jpgvia Daily Prompt: Simple

Your life can be as beautiful as you dream.
You just need to believe in yourself.
You just need to trust in your faith.
Perform these simple things daily.
It will make your life richer and happier.

1. Feed your strengths.

2. Face your weaknesses.

3. Express your feelings.

4. Listen to everything.

5. Smile at criticism.

6. Be aware of others.

7. Be accountable for yourself.

8. Be gentle in your expectations.

9. Assume the best.

10. When in doubt, ask questions.

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you’ve got to be blind or you had an oversight to ignore such ravishing beauty!


simply gorgeous!
her flaw will be her backbone.
her inarticulateness in words,
she will fill with her uber-expressive eyes
with the elegant sashays of her hips,
the fluid poetry of her hair
the sincerity of her heart
nd the genuineness of her deeds…

because she is a natural beauty
and she is more than capable to win



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