Thank you, Lord, for the best 2016 ever!

Though I wasn’t that exceptional, I believe that I did my best to be a better human that I can be. I am flawed as usual but I do not want to be so perfect, otherwise, there will be no mystery in my personality.

My year was a difficult adjustment period with career, fitness, goals, finances and people. It was an uphill climb where I have to sort out the real from the reel and focus on my priorities.

I am thankful for my family and friends because they are simply awesome human beings.

2017 I am so ready for you. Don’t be soft-hearted on me because I am an iron lady. Don’t roll out that red carpet for my catwalk, I prefer to wander where the road is long and winding. I will be anxious and scared on my journey, but I will go on until the finish line.

Delightful, wonder-filled and accepting, that will add up to my values for the next 364 days!