11427696_1136089699738282_5194889169904999794_nBe different. Stand out.
Be genuine. Laugh loud.
Be kind. Help out.
Be an angel. Seek out.
Be brave. Speak out.
Say a genuine prayer.

Tonight, I will be selfish. I dedicate my prayers and longings all to myself. That I may imitate the ways of God…that what I am preaching is actually what I am doing. Help me in times of anger that I may remain calm and enduring… Help me in moments of despair that I may remain strong and Hopeful. Held me tight in times of helplessness that miracles may be possible.

Lord, let me be the red rose among the scattered roses at your immaculate garden. I believe you deemed me as a beautiful, extraordinary and valuable creation. Water me with love, kiss me with your glorious sunshine and cultivate my surrounding with pleasantness. Weeds may spoil my purity, heat and cold may wilt some of my leaves and worms will find its way to decompose me. But I promise you, I will never falter
. At the end of the day, I will always be your RED ROSE, a stand out among the rest, one of your select best.
via Daily Prompt: Hopeful

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