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Rachel Ann Biclar Pedroso
          July 15, 2011. 07:25 A.M. The sky was so serene and the air felt like a lover’s hug. The trees swayed their branches lazily, lovingly, murmuring secrets of passerby with so much trepidation. I was 23 years old and I worked as a volunteer nurse in a government hospital. I walked out of its premises with so much relief after a tiring shift at the OB –Gyne ward. I was so excited to go home after a five straight night duty, eat a really good breakfast cooked by my father and sleep for at least six uninterrupted hours. I saw familiar faces coming for the morning shift with awkward grins and hurried steps towards the bungee clock. People from the night shift were either running to catch an early ride home or sipping their mug of coffee at the nearby cafeteria. Most of them are smiling, comfortable with the routine. I smiled too, looking forward to a positive day ahead.
            I hopped at the tricycle for a 20-minute ride towards the jeepney’s terminal. It was a bumpy ride, slow and sexy, and I don’t really mind. I loved this shortcut gravel road route away from big busses hurrying past PUV’s in busy highways. The air was damp and fresh, the rice stalks so lush and the mountains at the backdrop came to pose for a good canvas. The cranky screeching of tires and metals warbled with the gamut of crickets along the rice fields.
            Everything was fine until a big cargo truck overtook the tricycle I was riding. The front tire hit a big, protruding stone, and before I knew it, our 3-wheeled vehicle jumped literally out of proportion. It was so fast and the last thing I remembered before falling ungracefully on the ground was how firmly I held on to the tricycle bar for my dear life. My butt took the hardest assault followed by a blow in my back and I rotated 360 degrees like a stuntwoman. I was too shocked to even feel the pain. Am I still breathing? From the corner of my eye, I saw another cargo truck strutting ghastly away from us like a demon impaled by a prayer. Shivering, I closed my eyes. I thought of home, relatives, friends, dreams and love unfulfilled. Will I lose them all in a second? During that moment, I desperately prayed that I was having a nightmare and my mother will wake me up soon. I counted. 1, 2, 3… Where is she? Where is the driver? I let out a silent scream.
            I opened my eyes. The sun’s rays were blinding and it was hot on my skin. The greeneries don’t comfort me anymore, the rice stalks stood like needles, glorious to pin me down. Even the birds with their chirps came off distant, chanting a funeral song full of grief and loss. Horror seized me intensely. Instinctively, I raised my hands to protect my head and face from further injury. I shouted for help while the whirlwind of dust blinded my vision, draining that strength I barely have to procure that voice. Then I heard voices coming closer, scared, worried and all willing to help. My heartbeat steadied the moment I realized that I am alive. Silently, I thanked God.
            They helped me up, checked my wounds and reassured me to hang up until we get to the nearest hospital. I stayed calm, imploring silently to God that everything will be alright. There was a stabbing pain in my buttocks and my back is hurting. My white uniform is stained with blood from the wound at my left elbow. I took my handkerchief and used it as a tourniquet to stop the bleeding. I have minor abrasions on my knees. The tricycle driver sent me immediately to the Emergency Room. He never left me until my parents arrived. He worked early that day to save for his son’s antibiotic and cough syrup. The tricycle was rented and it was his first trip. He could have left when the doctor has given me a good prognosis after a series of skull, chest, and pelvic x-rays. He was decent enough to pay for my medications. My parents insisted that a police blotter should be done so that if something bad will happen to me within 24 hours, they can track the driver. I understand my parents, and seeing their paled, anxious expressions when they came to E.R. to check on me was heartbreaking. That driver made me realized that some people though faced in a difficult situation, will stand up and face the consequences of their actions. Though it was an accident, his tire hitting the stone from nowhere, ascending us mid-air and hitting hard bottom on the ground and coincidence that we met the daredevil maneuver of the cargo truck halfway, arm’s-length away from killing us, the man showed responsibility with premium class. He has a word of honor that no amount of money can compensate. His sincerity and concern, though maybe motivated by fear of criminal charges, was touching. I salute the driver for the bravery he showed and will thank him for the rest of my life for staying until the storm weathered. To refund his benevolence, I vowed to become the best of what I am capable of.
          My accident was not so grave but the incident from that Friday morning will always define me as the person that I Am at the moment.
         We only lived once and my left elbow that was badly scarred is a constant reminder that I am blessed with a second life. The accident should be traumatic, but fortunately, it was an eye-opener that pushed me to open my heart, widen my horizon, go places and trust people. I thrust my fist into the air to remove every doubt and insecurities I had.
Right now, I am working at the hospital for my evening shift as a Labor and Delivery Staff Nurse in Saudi Arabia. Looking at the scar from my elbow, I feel a nostalgia from before. It is a renewal of vow to live my life to the fullest. I am happily assisting OB-Gyne residents in delivering babies. I will be tired after an 8-hour shift but never too exhausted to give up on life and surrender from the challenges. I claimed myself and have made a detour. I lived my life without regrets and have carefully made good choices to step a notch every now and then in the staircase. I will carry out my life’s purpose_ to be an inspiration and a blessing to others. My sense of responsibility? I am on a daily workout to upgrade it to premium class. It was harder done than said and I have made many broken promises for the past years but no matter what the consequences are, I am accountable for my actions.
I am one lucky woman. God’s love is overflowing on me. I feel powerful_ that inner gratification that tells me that I completely belong to myself and that no one can take that confidence and love away from me. I will face harder tasks ahead or daunting accidents in the future, but since I am dealing with today, I choose to be brave and bold. There is no holding back because today will never come after tomorrow. I will risk and be satisfied with the consequences of my action. To be successful or not is not mandated by heaven. It is a choice that I have to work, every day until I reach my limit, knowing that I gave my all. Demons like huge cargo truck will terrify me. People will condescend and judge my capabilities. I will be scared. I will close my eyes. I will pray for help. Unknown to my detractors, I have a fateful encounter with life and death, and I choose to live with substance. My fall will never be a disgrace because every time I stand, I stood taller, stronger and wiser. They can’t pull this woman down. She has been remade. #rabpedroso