-Goblin-korean-dramas-40090151-500-269.gifDon’t tell me,

    you’re the kind of girl

    that’s always frowning.

    Afraid to embrace happiness

    because it’s not everlasting.

    Look into the mirror.

    Your life is drowning.

    Those gentle eyes screamed.

    Your soul is crying.


Don’t tell me,

    you’re the kind of girl

    that’s always forgiving.

    It’s a good virtue

    but not so pleasing.

    For once in a while

    you have to say no

    fight for your right

    learn to veto.


Let go of the memories

    and truth that was hurting you.

    They were meant to strengthen your resolve

    and not to burden you.

    Don’t hide from your brave words

    and act out expendable.

    Weep, shake, and rattle,

    Vent out your troubles.



    breathe in the quiet.

    Wear the breeze of the wind.

    Drink the elixir of sunshine.

    Fly with the eagles so divine.

Think big, act rich.

    Speak slowly, wisely, sensibly.

    Do great things responsibly.


Do not falter.

    You are never a quitter.

    Let the stones hit you, wound you.

    Bleeding, limping,

    at one point you will kiss the ground.

    Rise up through and stand proud

    You will not stay at the bottom

    Remember, the world is round.


Now, tell me.

    You will live to defy gravity.

    From your pains,

    you will mold victory.

    From your tears

    will blossom good memories.

    Smile now and open your arms.

    Behold, the world is yours,

    Maximize, reach your prime.


Yes, inspire me.

    You started to grow backbones

    You grew up resilient and bold.

    You shined against your battles

    you never mind the cold.

    There will be more challenges in the future.


    Just love yourself

    and live your life.