th-9 ┬áToday, instead┬áof sleeping directly after my night duty, I find myself searching for life’s answers. Four more days and I will say goodbye to the Year 2016, but before turning my back completely and leaping with faith and bang for the new year, million dollar questions popped up occasionally for contemplation:

  • Did I┬ácomplete any of my goals?┬á If not, what stood in my way?
  • Have I lived a purpose driven life? To what direction did I go and to which path am I going after?
  • Did I┬áencourage or support others?
  • Was I a good daughter, sister, friend, worker?
  • What wrongs have I done and what amendments┬áhave I made to atone my mistakes?
  • What were the happiest moments of the year?
  • What made me sad, angry and envious?
  • Have I made someone else’s life miserable or comfortable?
  • What promises have I broken? What are my regrets?
  • Have I spent my money well?
  • Am I physically, mentally and spiritually happy now compared to last year?


Advance happy new year to all. I will start writing my bucket list for the year 2017. I am enthusiastic and full of anticipation for good tidings to splash my seashore. Hooray!