We have always longed to succeed, and yet we live in ambivalence with this yearning. We dream, we imagine, we prayed, but our desire is too weak to even reach the stars and knock at the heaven’s gate. It’s like a gush of cold air, chilling at the moment with no substance in the end.

We owe ourselves more than this passing fancy called  ningas kugon. We owe our country and Jose Rizal, we owe our parents and our children, born or unborn, we owe Christ and Allah, to utilize ourselves to be the best machinery it can ever get.

As long as we draw breath, we will upgrade ourselves with responsibility and in response to the demands of the unstable society. As long as we believe in the Omnipotent Power, we will not fall from grace. Against the odds, despite recession and oppression, alongside the sorrows of inhumanity, we will live and we will succeed.

We can only do this by reaching out to others through tears of injustice and a hopeful look of new beginnings. We will reach out our arms shaking in fear to embrace strength from one another. We will shake hands, rough with failures and heartaches to make a covenant of peace and form an alliance of trust and loyalty.

For we have always longed to live and succeed and doing it alone is self-slaughter. In ignorance, we thought that we can reach the top alone and brutally we continue dreaming in the fantasy that we forget what reality looks like. We wander like drug addicts, nomads without dream and purpose. And we die young, die unnoticed, die shallow.

No obstacle is overwhelming as long as we have the daring and the resolve to continue fighting on.

We owe ourselves more. We have to rebuild our destruction, reconcile our differences and forgive our sins and from our glued fractures, we will live with certitude. img_20150829_011007

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