highway-grass-sea-sky-hd-wallpaper-710x400Te Amo

By: Rachel Ann Biclar Pedroso

Hola mi amor! Buenas noches. !Espero que tengas un buen dia!


Relax. You are not alone. A bad day is as ugly as UGLY in a literal word. Should you look the same just because you had a failure? Should you look the same just because you committed a mistake?

If you were turned down today, take it as a grace period to improve yourself. Try tomorrow. Try the next day. As long as you don’t give up, the possibility of triumph is bright. If you did something wrong, acknowledged your mistakes and learn from it. It’s experiencing the bad that propels you to do good for the next time. It makes you realized the importance of the moment and cements your determination to work harder and succeed. When you cry in frustration, it clears not only your vision, the aftermath shows you the high definition quality images of what matters most in your life.

Do not live like a mannequin that was assembled from all kinds of fractures: split crab mentality and dishonesty; divided by greed, envy, lust, power, insolence, money, education, religion or the rule of law. As harsh as reality is today where survival of the fittest is the rule, do not allow this modern jungle to dehumanize you. As long as you keep your heart and soul with you despite all the difficulties you encounter, you will bear it all. Be humane as long as you can and live as a human.

Do not untie the link that binds you to your neighbor–your national pride, your unique culture, your humanity, your conscience, your love, your reverence for God, for Allah.

Tomorrow you will be facing life anew. Be brave and face the battlefield. Wear your armor with the most sincere prayer. You never know when the opponent will strike. What happens next to you, you can only guess; only time will tell if your strategy was wise or foolish.

Tomorrow will be no different than today, yesterday or last week/month/year: your fear of the unknown will always surface like a shadow. Even if you cannot dictate what will happen in the future, you can always change how you look at it. You can always direct how you act upon it. You can always will yourself to own and win it. Solidify the divisive construct within you: your angels or demons, the good or bad and the ups and downs.

Breathe! Do you feel better now?

I do. As long as I pen down my thoughts and open my heart, we’re all in this together.

Cheer up, we’re all in this together.

Hasta luego, mi amor. Te amo!