The world can be full of prejudice and selfishness,especially to those who were born with a silver spoon. People are not often aware that desperation, hunger, fear and hopelessness can be brutally shocking than its Webster’s definition. Should you abandon humanity just to survive?

Honestly, I don’t know. At 29 and barely getting out of my cage, I can only hum Jim Paredes’ song, “Batang-bata ka pa at marami ka pang kailangang malaman at intindihin sa mundo… Nagkakamali ka kung akala mo na ang buhay ay isang mumunting paraiso lamang.”

Life will always be a sea of storms. Where there are dark clouds, heavy rain will fall. But as flexible creations, instead of getting soaked up in the rain, we should learn how to dance with the tempo. Our ship will be rocked by tidal waves, shook by blaspheming winds and struck by menacing lightning, but as captains, we can always adjust the sail. If we let the rage and disappointment eat us alive, then we will be nomads of negativity… we exist to inflict pain to others and we wander with a burden so heavy we drown every now and then. In starvation, we sometimes bite every scraps of garbage imaginable just to keep alive. We sometimes commit every sin abominable just to survive fearing that if we wait for the sun to rise, and do the right and legal thing, we will end up dead and forgotten.


Rich, poor or average, your social strata should not be the vessel of your principle. You can always change the direction of your sail. It will be a long and winding sail, especially if the tortuous storm surrounds you, but if you hold on to that steering wheel and decides to change you circumstances, yes, you can.

The bad should not overcome the good. For the more fortunate who are unaware of the harsh realities of life, and for those who are just learning the avenues of the adult thing, this musings might seem fiction to them. For those who eat three servings of meal a day and have gone to school incessantly, this might look like a drama. For those with a happy family and with loving parents to comfort them in need, this might deemed superficial. But for the roofless heads, starving stomachs, bloody hands, lustful bodies and broken homes, the good is the most difficult thing to accomplish. And putting all their might to anchor the ship to new grounds for change is painful and at the same time it harbors a lot of criticisms.

How do we help them? How do we help ourselves? How do we endure the suffering and how do we overcome the shame and the blame? Again Jim Paredes has this to supplement,” Nais ko sanang malaman ang mali sa katotohanan. Sariling pagraranas ang aking pamamagitan. Imulat ang isipan sa mga kulay ng buhay. Maging tunay na malaya sa katangi-tanging bata.”

Our hardships in life will always be a valuable part in progressing and moving forward in the future. Although it was never easy to take action from the advise of other people, it will not hurt if we try. And from trying, we grow inspiration in our hearts, we water hope and we fertilize positivism. Let us break free from the sea of negativity and sail with personal freedom and purpose.

Do not be in a hurry. Feel and listen. Find clarity in the chaos and be firm with whatever decision you make. The world will be full of prejudice and selfishness but from the other side, kindness and acceptance is abundant.

Look sideways. God bless. #rabpedroso


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