By: #rabpedroso

nightmare_by_lucyluh_large“When your enemies defy you, you must serve them steel and fire. When they go to their knees, however, you must help them back to their feet. Else-wise no man will ever bend the knee to you. And any man who must say ‘I am the king’ is no true king at all.”

Borrowed this quote from @THE GAME OF THRONES. And had it copy-pasted for more afficionado to see, ignore, spite or comment.

A responsible public intellectual fights his enemies either with silence and patience. He will not bite the cowardly bait of cheap black propaganda. He will speak once to defend himself but never twice to convince his critics and not thrice to beg for public sympathy. A firm and honest explanation is enough to justify his innocence where his foes will use every opportunity to pin him down. He doesn’t mind the controversy, the ills of society against him will vanish with the passage of time and he will be absolve in God’s good grace.

Well, we are not beholden to anyone just as the mighty “PUNISHER” Pres. Duterte had said. Yet, because we are responsible public intellectuals, public servants and public spectators, we should think more than twice before we speak, write, act and post. We influence others with what we do. They either appreciate or detest us. They will try to emulate what’s good for their eyes and bash with too much contempt what is unethical based on their belief and moral decency.

Some can be persuaded, others will have second thoughts while a few will never bend their convictions. We make friends, we entice enemies. But at the end of the day, we belong to ourselves where our greatest battles are fought with our self-made demons. We can hate forever and live an unhappy life. Or we can forgive and make amends to prosper as a decent human.

Deception is an exception though. Word power and speeches defines our noble heroes, fire and steel belongs to the ancients, guns and bullets rule the vigilantes but a responsible public intellectual will change the world with A KIND DEED.