Your word: a cutting edge
is this, a knife is that.
The risk is internal

and eerie. This might mean
the heart: unrest, uncoil, unease
stifles a cry of help.

Power imbalance: a game of blame and shame—
with eyes shut,
A war of tortuous double thinking…

Terrible has become normal.                                                                                                                          what reign of terror is this?                                                                                                                            words scarier than swords.

and I clasp the sharp edges:
it cuts, it was deep. The monster likes
to see me bleeding.

This pathetic girl- beast
told me: your wretched-smile
is very lovely.

The monster
took me by the arm
angelic, he broke my bone.

Flightless, limbless – he cradled me.
A fallen flower.
horrible, worthless, demoralized.

Me. The monster. The cliff.                                                                                                                           The wind, a light feather, gravity                                                                                                                 The hands, the pushover.

The fall, a crime of sinister                                                                                                                           the audience weep and applaud:                                                                                                                   but none stood up to identify the monster and report.

The monster mastered that fear is internal to the self,
makes masks of drama-
wipes the spilled blood and cries.

The monster: I will defy him. i will unleash my superpower                                                                                                                        I can see the light…                                                                                                                                           My eyes open,  opened. 4-cute-funny-danbo-cardboard-box-art-bullying-around