Dedicated to Prince Wang So and Hae Soo of the Goryeo Dynasty. Long live scarlet heart ryeo!

BY: rachel ann

When the moonlight hides through the clouds,
And darkness hovers like a bandit,
The night goes wild, the whispers get loud.

Moon lovers stare into each others eye,
Each a mirror of love, a union of soul
A priced innocence, a gift, a miracle.

They begin to move arm to arm
Smiling shyly, gauging who will first disarm
The fears, the doubt and embrace each other’s charm.

Their love defied time and space
Fleeting in the past but never a waste
For when true love comes, it is not in haste.

A savage Goryeo prince, he was full of naught
His mask a terror but hidden is a child
who weeps for injustice and for goodness he fought.

She was Helen of Troy, who launched a thousand sword.
Before a riddle, now a definite answer.
Pure, beautiful and the queen of the lords.

The universe conspired to conjoined their souls
He who came before Christ was born
And she who breathe air where BMW’s have horns.

They were ill-fated in the past for He was king and she a water maid
But he was never disheartened
For where his heart is, there his throne is.

History was cruel, separating those who live and die.
But the heavens were smarter
The prince and the water maid came back to life a millennial.

The eclipse was lifted and the sun shines brilliantly in jubilation
The jewel of the hairpin reflected a light so bright it caught him off-guard who was just passing by.
There he saw her, a familiar stranger.

She stared back at him, a strange familiarity enveloped her.
She was lost for words, her heart fluttering
In his eyes, she saw a love that was never-ending.

The past, the present, and future.
They were moon lovers, children of the scarlet heart.
Love is a bliss but it will also hurt
But for them who was drowned by the eclipse,
Time is a traitor but love is constant.