I will grow old remembering this friend from the past. I regret not meeting this brilliant man who was destined to be a hero ever since he was born. Sir Roger, your courage and goodness will never be forgotten.

th (1)12 December 2009


I am seeing myself to you almost 10 years ago! In my case; after graduating from high school, I want to enter the military because I believe that I was destined for that and my skills and talent can be best utilized in the noble profession of arms.

My mother will not allow me considering the risk of that profession and inspite of endless appeal to her, she will not still sign my parent’s consent to enter PMA. Since I am persistent rather that rebellious for I dont want to do someting without the blessing of my parents so that I can also get God’s blessings, my last appeal to her was, “Ma, if you will not allow me to join the military, you are defying God’s purpose to me.”

After that, we had a compromise. She will allow me only if I will finish any BS degree course. I accepted the deal but at the back of her mind, she are buying time for she believes that when I already in college I will forget my ambition but she was absolutely wrong.

I enrolled in CPU and took up the six-year BS in Electrical Engineering Course. Believe me, I struggle for almost two years since it was not my choice. I usually fail one subject during prelim, midterm, or pre-final exam and I feel that I couldn’t make it. I meditated and asked God for strength and wisdom. I made a realization that this 5 years in college was the best time for me to prepare myself physically, emotionally, and psychologically in the harsh environment of the military.

I fixed my course and speed and sailed efficiently and effectively towards graduation. I dont know what happen next Rachel and how I became the 2005 Most Outstanding EE Graduate. I received four job offers before graduation and all of them were highly paid but I didn’t accept those.

I enter PMA before my graduation ceremony! I lost that once in a lifetime moment.

To make a long story short, inspite of all pains, sacrifices, hardships, and difficulties I experienced since the first day I swear oat to the AFP and of continuous sweet glance of luxurious corporate life, I haven’t regret any single decision that I have made although majority of those tormented me.

The bottom line Rachel is, do not be afraid to puruse whatever you want in life even it means to let go almost everything you have right now. Don’t be afraid of the risk. It is inevitible in pursuing happiness and satisfaction. Always remember that if you will always put your faith and trust to God, you will never fail. I am speaking on based experiences Rachel.

You have only one life, what you will do is all yours not your parents, friends, or other people. Im not saying that you will disregard them. You will still listen to them for indeed you can learn something from them but never ever substitute someone else judgment with your own. You have to make a decision. Remember that indecision is still a decision.

Hope that in one way or another, this helps.

May God bless you always Rachel.

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