midnight sun




He’s like no other man, he is my midnight sun.


He came like a conqueror in his robust breastplate

Arrogant in his bearing, you will easily hate;

He is an ardent fighter, who will battle with his life;

Combat the evil deeds and the menacing strife.


He speaks so little, but he can move the mountains.

Like a stallion racing the winds or a ranger taming the rains.

He is a marvel in his bold and sometimes mischievous ways,

Glowing in golden splendor, with iridescent rays.


He wore that devious grin that catapulted my heart;

And grace me with the sunshine, oh what a lovely part.

He laughs with so much abandon, like a free and agile eagle;

His voice is compelling, suave like that of Churchill.


He descended from the sky like Apollo with his lyre,

Playing mellow music that can cause havoc and fire,

I’ll run away from him like a gazelle on calm waters,

Because once he touched me, I’ll become his laurel.


He left an indelible imprint in my core.

He healed my wounds, caressed my broken soul,

He resurrected me from darkness, lift me up from hell.

He is like no other man, he is my midnight sun.

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