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His Favorite Newspaper :The Philippine Daily Inquirer

I am grinning again, I often am.
Two feet away is the target to disarm.
I adjusted my spectacles for a clearer vision,
And breathe deeply to thwart confusion.

I felt the rush of blood back and forth,
A lethal excitement for what it’s worth.
I smiled innocently, not wanting to cause alarm,
Then I sauntered towards it to inflict sweet harm.

It stood unaffected, unaware of danger,
Posing plain and calm but mark with wonder.
I glanced sideways and grabbed it by the arm,
Severed its sections, and gulped its intellectual charm.

The cover flew like a butterfly’s spine,
Its wings dismembered, devoured and dined.
The pages of news and sports were gobbled and gorged
And the scraps of editorials were shred and torn.

Its pages though frail is sturdy in conviction
The font size small but big in honest information
Some leaf maybe black and white
But it stands rational and ready to fight.

I consumed them all in a bloody frenzy
Chewed then chomped them in a ghastly, gory way.
Remnants of black and white survived my glutton’s wrath
And there’s saliva leaking like that of a psychopath.

What a glorious conquest after an hour crime,
Guzzling street smart, sense and substance in a short time.
Grinning, I folded the remains neatly,

Later, with arising fervor, she will be glorified unabashedly.#rabpedroso

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